7 Easy To Adopt Habits To Make You Smarter

Imagine that you were, say 15% smarter than you are now. What would your life be like?

What would you be able to do or achieve that you can’t do now?

In this weeks tip of the week, I give you 7 habits that you can easily adopt today, to help improve your IQ.

1. Make an “I Finished” list

When we complete a task, our brain saves the information on how we were able to finish and how we can that info in another situation, helping us to complete more and more tasks. The same thing DOES NOT happen when we leave things unfinished.

2. Find people who are smarter than you and hang out with them more

This point it is fairly obvious. When we are surrounded by people more intelligent than us, it is inevitable that we acquire some of the knowledge or skills they have. It also helps us to open up our world and the vision we have of it.

3. Make two other lists: a list of work-related skills you want to learn now and a list for things you want to achieve in the future

It¬¥s like I’m 1-800-LISTS, but they have helped me so much over the years that I want everyone in the world to discover their usefulness. In this case, the increase in IQ isn’t direct but a side effect. When you start to explore the necessary skills to get better in your job, you acquire knowledge and skills that you didn’t have before. Over time, you convert yourself in an expert in your area.

4. Instead of watching TV, try watching something educational

Do I really have to explain this??? When you watch TV, you become passive and acquire little knowledge. At least if you’re going to watch TV, watch something that you can learn from.

5. Write down what you learn, when you learn something new

This is one of those things that is difficult, I know, but it really is worth the effort. I am a firm believer that when you write something down, you WILL remember it much better. Of them all, this is the one that has helped me the most!

6. Read something informative everyday

This is the same as TV. Read something that you can bring something new (e.g.¬† This Blog! ) to the table, some new knowledge or skill that you didn’t have before. Reading exercises the brain and the imagination.

7. Studying things that are a little above your knowledge

Look to get out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Personal and professional growth, the acquisition of new skills and, ultimately, being more intelligent occurs outside of your comfort zone. This all depends on you coming out of that nasty gray area in order to experience new things and new sensations that expand your knowledge, your culture and of course, your world.

There you go, 7 things you can do today to increase your IQ.  Sometimes, the simplest and easiest things are what work best. At some point or another, I have implemented all of them and have they helped me tremendously.

Try them out for 30 days and let me know how it goes!


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