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7 Habitos Fáciles De Adoptar Que Te Harán Mas Inteligente

  Imagine que fueses un 15% más inteligente de lo que eres ahora. ¿Cómo sería tu vida? ¿Qué te gustaría ser capaz de hacer o lograr que no puedes hacer o lograr ahora? Esta semana te voy a dar 7 … Continue reading

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7 Easy To Adopt Habits To Make You Smarter

Imagine that you were, say 15% smarter than you are now. What would your life be like? What would you be able to do or achieve that you can’t do now? In this weeks tip of the week, I give … Continue reading

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The 3 Keys to Success: What You Need To Know To Be More Successfull

Over the last few days I read (and participated in) a very interesting discussion on what qualities were necessary for success. There was talk of several, among them: attitude, perseverance, patience, humility, etc. I agree in principle that all of … Continue reading

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CreatiStorming: The Quick Guide to Finding Great New Ideas

      Coming up with new and fantastic ideas is tough work. I know this first hand as I have to come up with new, fresh and interesting ideas every week to keep you, my valued reader, well stocked … Continue reading

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CreatiStorming: La Guía Rápida Para Encontrar Ideas Creativas

  Encontrar ideas nuevas y fantásticas es un trabajo enorme y difícil. Lo sé de primera mano porque todas las semanas tengo que encontrar ideas interesantes para que tu, mi querido lector, tengas consejos y trucos √∫tiles que hagan que … Continue reading

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TED Talks: Why We Make Bad Decisions

  Dan Gilbert presents research and data from his exploration of happiness ‚Äî sharing some surprising tests and experiments that you can also try on yourself. Watch through to the end for a sparkling Q&A with some familiar TED faces. … Continue reading

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