Findout Who You Really Are: How I Finally Found Who I Am

Hello my name is Monica Rodriguez and my goal by writing these words is to inspire you and make you realize how powerful and magnificent you truly are. If someone had taught me this every time I felt alone, awkward, different, and scared, my life would have totally changed.

I remember spending most of my childhood and teenage years wanting to fit in, never feeling good enough and having the need to prove myself to others, coupled with an extremely high degree of perfectionism and dissatisfaction.

When I was 15, I could not stand it anymore, and I developed an eating disorder that lasted for the next half of my life. No matter how much support I received from my loved ones and friends, this nightmare would not go away.

I tried mending my fears and obsessions around food trying every diet out there, which only made it worse. I thought that dieting, detoxing, eating alkaline, whole natural foods and cleansing would solve all my problems and bring me to a place of peace. Finally, the misery that all of this brought me was too big for my heart, and I surrendered. This was my breaking point, and it was when miracles started to happen.

I had asked for sincere help, and the Universe answered. All of a sudden, I came across the right teacher, the right book, the right place and my consciousness started shifting. At first, my fears were too big, which kept me stuck, but all of a sudden, I just felt inspired towards doing what I needed in order to feel alive again.

how i finally found who i am How I Finally Found Who I Am


About Eduardo Arellano

Eduardo es Coach Personal/Profesional y Formador con más de 14 añs de experiencia. Nacido y criado en Chicago, en la actualidad Eduardo reside en España donde ha desarrollado sus métodos actuales de formación. Eduardo posee un MBA de la Universidad de Nebrija y un Master en Comercio Internacional de la EOI además del título de Formador de Formadores y varias certificaciones y cualificaciones. Eduardo está muy solicitado tanto en España como en el resto del mundo, colabora con sus clientes para guiarlos en cómo realizar cambios personales o profesionales consiguiendo con rapidez que alcancen objetivos que nunca creyeron posibles. Sus métodos y técnicas permiten estimular el auto-conocimiento, ya sea con un pequeñ cambio en su forma de pensar o con un gran cambio en su carrera profesional o vida personal. Eduardo sirve de guía para conseguir el éxito.
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