Small Changes, Huge Gains: How To Change Your Luck Successfully

It is never too late to become what you
might have been.” – GEORGE ELIOT

First let me just say that I firmly believe it is never too late to begin again and finally become the person you wanted to become. We see it everyday, in stories from around the world of normal, everyday people who realized their dream by overcoming enormous odds.  So it is possible if you are willing to pay the price to achieve. What price is that, you ask? Well, you going to have to learn to look inward and take responsibility for yourself and your life.

We all know that we reach certain points in our live where we hit a certain threshold of “pain” where we are no longer willing to tolerate it any longer. This threshold is very different for every person. Also, if you are unhappy with anything in your life then look at it as a call to action and start looking for a way to make it happen.

This can be very challenging for a lot of people as they have this urge to improve their lives but they don’t have an effective strategy. They then do the “logical” thing which is to work on the effects instead of the cause. Here is a simple thought process that will be a wake up call to you if you feel like you are spinning your wheels.

For my life to get better I have to get better.
For things to change I have to change.
I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

I can change any and everything in my life by simply changing myself.

This puts me in the driving seat of my life and makes my life my responsibility. It eliminates fear and apprehension for I know that no matter what life gives me I can always get to the next level and take the next step by simply making the internal shift in my own psychology.

I can stop looking for events, people and circumstances to blame.

You only need to look inside. No matter how influential you are you cannot control every circumstance and event in your life. There are only three things over which you have absolute and total control and these are all you need. Your thoughts, your actions and your words are always under your conscious control. They are YOUR thoughts, they are YOUR actions and they are YOUR words AND they create YOUR world every minute of every day.

This is incredibly liberating. Whenever you want to have more, experience more or change anything, you need only look inwards and work on yourself. Jim Rohn once said that the hardest work you will ever do is the work you do on yourself. See, you can run around and work incredibly hard at trying to influence and change circumstances, but that will only make you tired and discourage your future efforts. It’s much easier to change yourself and your perception of yourself and your life. Nothing has any meaning except for the meaning you give it.

Changing external events has very little impact in your life on the long term. Small changes in you; in your perceptions and psychology might seem insignificant at first, but because the change is in you it effects all of your thoughts, all of your actions and all of your words. This seemingly insignificant change, over time changes the whole direction and end destination of your life. If a captain of a ship changes direction just one degree the end destination might be a different continent all together. Like the captain changing his course by one degree it might be unnoticeable over a short period of time, but over greater distances the small change becomes very significant.

Most people try and change the big things; they constantly try and change any and everything in their lives, but they then fail to maintain the change. Instead, making small consistent changes in yourself, in your own character you can create phenomenal results. All change starts and ends with you. If you are going to invest the time and effort to improve your life, then invest it in changing yourself. Invest your time and effort in improving “you” and let go of the superficial urges to control events and circumstances. Your whole perception and experience of life comes from you and who you are. Change yourself, improve your character and just watch the world improve and change before your very eyes.

How is your luck lately? Have you tried to make changes lately?

Let me know If you need a hand…



About Eduardo Arellano

Eduardo es Coach Personal/Profesional y Formador con más de 14 añs de experiencia. Nacido y criado en Chicago, en la actualidad Eduardo reside en España donde ha desarrollado sus métodos actuales de formación. Eduardo posee un MBA de la Universidad de Nebrija y un Master en Comercio Internacional de la EOI además del título de Formador de Formadores y varias certificaciones y cualificaciones. Eduardo está muy solicitado tanto en España como en el resto del mundo, colabora con sus clientes para guiarlos en cómo realizar cambios personales o profesionales consiguiendo con rapidez que alcancen objetivos que nunca creyeron posibles. Sus métodos y técnicas permiten estimular el auto-conocimiento, ya sea con un pequeñ cambio en su forma de pensar o con un gran cambio en su carrera profesional o vida personal. Eduardo sirve de guía para conseguir el éxito.
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