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Organizational Change: The Key To Making It Work

It’s easy to think change just happens. But what can you do today to make change easier? As someone who has gone through (and is still going through!!) a major change, and I do mean MAJOR, by taking on a … Continue reading

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So Many Options: Some Thoughts On Choice

  Every minute of every day we are faced with choices. Each decision we make leads us along a new path. The road to our future is determined by the choices we make now! The road we choose appears familiar … Continue reading

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5 Horrible Habits That Are Ruining Your Success

Yes, I’m telling you you have bad habits that are keeping you from getting what you want and living your life the way YOU want. We all have bad habits. Some are relatively harmless but others can really be disastrous … Continue reading

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5 Hábitos Horribles Que Te Impiden Tener √âxito

Sí, te estoy diciendo que tienes malos hábitos que te impiden conseguir el éxito que te mereces y que te impiden vivir la vida a tu manera. Todos tenemos malos hábitos. Algunos son relativamente inofensivas, pero otros pueden ser realmente … Continue reading

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The 3 Keys to Success: What You Need To Know To Be More Successfull

Over the last few days I read (and participated in) a very interesting discussion on what qualities were necessary for success. There was talk of several, among them: attitude, perseverance, patience, humility, etc. I agree in principle that all of … Continue reading

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Las 3 Claves del Éxito: Que Necesitas Para Tener Mas

En los √∫ltimos días leí una interesantísima discusión sobre que cualidades eran necesarias para el éxito. Se hablo de varias características, entre ellas: la actitud, perseverancia, paciencia, humildad, etc. En principio estoy de acuerdo que todas estas virtudes pueden formar … Continue reading

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