3 Expert Tips To Hack Your Motivation And Keep Moving Forward

Posted on Mayoo 20, 2014

Theses are my 3 best tips help you keep moving forward

We all have good ideas. NO wait! We all have brilliant ideas and more often than we think!

So what usually happens to them? Usually they get trapped inside us and just as fast as they came, they vanish without a trace.

For example, you’re in the subway on the way to work and you think, “I bet I could archive the files in half the time just changing the way we all jot down the date and case number.”

WOW! You think it’s amazing that no one has thought of it before. You start to fantasize about being the super hero/heroine of the office and that everyone is going to be eternally grateful and thank you for years and years. Not to mention the fatty bonus and promotion you get!

Aaaaaand then you wake up. You say to yourself, “we’ve been doing it the same old way for years, how am I going to change this? ” or ” there I go with my hair-brained ideas again, it’ll never work!”

Why is this? and What can we do about it?

Well, there are thousand, maybe millions, of reasons but mainly it’s because we fear something: Could adverse reactions, rejection, ridicule and on and on and on. Although, the worst isn’t the fear itself but what the fear produces: Inaction or Mental Paralysis. Or to say it another way, to miss an opportunity simply by not acting.

So what we can do about it?

Use this simple, fast and effective method to blast you out of the inaction blackhole!

1. First we need to identify and evaluate if we’re just being negative and what we are afraid of.

In both cases, what we are actually doing is asking ourselves a question or questions, unconsciously, of why we can NOT do what we would like to do and it’s the responses (excuses) to those questions that limit us and actually prevent us from moving forward.

2. Knowing that, the second step is simply to ask better questions!

Once you’ve “answered” the “I CAN’T” questions, ask yourself the same questions in reverse: Why could I? Create a list of ALL the reasons why you CAN and most importantly, write them down!

3. Ok, This is the most important step! Once you have the list of reasons why you CAN, think of ONE action that could do right NOW to find out if you were right or not.

If you do not move you will stay in the same place forever. You have to do something right NOW.

Now, I’m convinced that if take that first action, you will go much, much farther than that and you will realize that your fears and/or negativity were quite insignificant compared to what you could achieve.

Remember that the questions we ask ourselves every day largely direct our behavior and therefore the quality of our life.

If you want to be more daring, want to achieve more than what you’re achieving now, want to crush the fears that undermine you or just want to advance with your life plan, ask yourself better questions.

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