Don’t do this if you want to achieve your goals! Your Comfort zone and You

Posted on Diciembre 23, 2013

If you want to achieve your goals, don’t live in the “Comfort Zone”

Grey Zone

This is the area where life isn’t that bad and really isn’t great either. It’s our comfort zone that allow us to live without much effort and without much return and most of us spend our time just getting by in this bland and colorless zone that saps all motivation and excitement out of us. Does this sound familiar? Is this where you are right now?

What choices do you have?

Choices are everywhere and all you have to do is look around you with your eyes open to opportunity and you will begin to see what you have never seen before: Choices!
Ask yourself what choices you have to right now and in front of you to move out of your comfort zone.
Decide to SEE the choices that are best for you.

Do you have the courage to step out?

It takes courage to break out of that grey area. It is our comfort zone and where we feel, well comfortable. We live here because it’s easy and safe even if it isn’t exciting, fun, or even motivating. Most of us tend to complain about it to our friends and family and I’d say, even enjoy complaining about it, but we never take that one little step that will get us out of the Grey and into the color! Let me give you some thing to think about. Someone described Insanity as: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time. Does that sound familiar??? That means if you continue to do the same thing, the same way everyday you’ll continue to get the same result. And that’s not what we want, now is it?

What can you do right now to change your results?

What ever it is do it right now!

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