So Many Options: Some Thoughts On Choice


Every minute of every day we are faced with choices. Each decision we make leads us along a new path. The road to our future is determined by the choices we make now! The road we choose appears familiar because our habitual conditioning has led us this way before.

Why is this?

Because invariably we take the easy option over the better one. We settle for the comfort zone afraid to venture into realms unknown and the excitement of uncharted paths.

The easy choice means we don’t have to think or take action. If we did, we would have to take responsibility; a rare experience indeed.

The true purpose of Life is expansion and growth.

When we take the easy option we are not being truth to ourselves. We are settling for less than we are and our lives are forged by the dreams of others.

So what happens to us then?

We become ‘set in our ways’ and grow weaker through inactivity. When we don’t think for ourselves our brains become dull. When we are physically inactive we become weak. When we eat the wrong things our energy is depleted and we fall victim to bad health.

And all because we choose the easy option!

We can’t possibly move forward unless we choose the better option. We can only grow by overcoming challenges, experiencing setbacks and taking responsibility. This is achieved by taking on things bigger than we are, by extending ourselves to become better than we were. There is no doubt we will experience defeat but this is just an inevitable part of the process. Successful people aren’t successful because they haven’t experienced failure. On the contrary, they generally have experienced failure more often than most. Neither are they luckier than most.

As one famous quote by Roy D Chapin Jr puts it

Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet.”

Opportunity is down the path we have never traveled not in the places we keep coming back to.

Successful people are simply better prepared to make the most of any opportunity that comes their way. How are they better prepared? Because they chose a different way; when the going got tough they chose the better option.

How do we know what choices to make?

When we know what our goals are the better option is immediately apparent. It is the option that leads us towards our goal in the quickest way possible. It is not some subtle distraction that takes our sight off the target or a well crafted excuse to procrastinate. It gets us from point A to point B via the shortest route even if that means leaving the comfort zone to do it.

We forge new paths, experience new things and grow even stronger as a result. Do you see how we make our own luck? Treading the same path day after day is hardly the recipe for success!

Do yourself and everyone else in your life a favour. Go for your biggest dreams and make the world a better place.

Choose the better option over the easy option everytime.


Be Great everyday!!!!


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TEDx: F— YOU – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over


Mel Robbins is a married working mother of three, an ivy-educated criminal lawyer, and one of the top career and relationship experts in America. Widely respected for her grab-’em-by-the-collar advice and tough love, Robbins drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want. Her approach is smart, effective and entertaining. Five days a week, Mel hosts her own syndicated radio show The Mel Robbins Show, discussing hot topics and giving advice to callers across America. She is starring in a new series, In-Laws, airing this summer on A&E. In addition, she writes a monthly column for Success Magazine, is a former CNBC contributor and is the co-founder of Advice for Living, Inc., which develops products and television programming with experts in the wellness, health, relationship and career categories. Most nights, once the kids are in bed, you’ll find Mel at home with a bourbon on the rocks and her Australian Shepherd at her feet, writing about life, love and everything else on her award-winning blog:





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TEDx: Vendedores De Ilusiones: Los Conoces?



¿Puedes confiar en tu cerebro?

Tal vez no tanto como podría pensarse.

Prepárate para ponerlo a prueba en esta charla alucinante de Lisandro Carnielli en TEDxRosario.






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Focus and Gratitude: How To Get Personal Development To Work For You

There is a lot of information available online about Personal Development. Hell! I write about it tooo!

There are a myriad of different, techniques, solutions, tapes, CDs, seminars etc. But have you ever been able to get them to work?

Have you have tried everything on the market?

Do you jump on all the new fads and courses?

If you do and your life is still not working or you have come to the point where you are seriously starting to doubt if any of this stuff really works then you need to read this article now!

Does this sound like you?

No matter how many self improvement tapes you listen to do you just seem to be stuck on the same merry-go-round? Is your job is unsatisfying and do your personal relationships “suck”? Are your finances a mess and could your health be better? If can answer yes to any of these questions, or worse you can answer yes to all of them, then you need to set yourself straight in your own mind!

Firstly, all Personal Development and Self Improvement starts in your mind. All of your current circumstances started as thoughts. Take a look around you right now.

Seriously stop reading this and look around you for several seconds then come back to this article.

What you just saw is your proof. Everything you see around you, you have attracted into your life – from the chair you are sitting in to the building you occupy. Look at your job – you chose to apply for it (or at least you chose to accept the position). Look at your home. You made the decision to live there. Look at your car, your spouse and your friends. Yep, you chose them all. You must realise then that to change these outer circumstances (the outer experience that stems from your decisions) you must first change yourself on the inside. You must change your decisions and your beliefs about what you are capable of achieving, having and deserving.

You feel terrible because your life is not how you want it to be. But the truth is you always get more of what you focus on. Your life is terrible at the minute because you are focusing on it being bad and if you keep doing that it will just get worse.

It’s all in your head!

By learning to change your focus and moving your attention to the things that are working in your life you will create more of that. In time you will start to notice more and more of what you do want in life appearing. To change your focus you must first change the way you feel.  Look for the things you are grateful for now. Give thanks for them.

Be thankful that you have a job and a roof over your head. Be grateful that you are not alone in life. Be grateful for the money you do have. Give thanks that you are alive and capable of changing your current circumstances. Gratitude is the key that unlocks your unlimited potential.

I promise you that if you practice gratitude for only 15 minutes a day your focus will begin to change to the positive and within a month your life will being to change for the better. Within a year you and your outer world will be totally transformed.

Try this approach. You will be amazed at what happens. Just keep telling yourself everything happens for a reason. Convince yourself that every cloud has a silver lining and it will become true for you. Re-direct your focus by being grateful for the things you do have in your life now. Open your vision to the abundance that is all around you even if you are not experiencing it first hand yet.  It only takes a slight shift in your attention to bring it directly to you!

Remember – it’s all in your head!


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Desarrollo Personal: Como Conseguir Que Funcione



Ni que decir que hay una gran cantidad de información en internet sobre Desarrollo Personal. Hay montones de diferentes técnicas, soluciones, cintas, cds, seminarios, etc.


¿Has sido capaz de hacerlo funcionar en tu vida?

Probablemente no y pasa a mucha mas gente y mucho mas a menudo de lo que piensas. Lo veo todos los días en mis clientes. De hecho, tengo clientes por que es tan difícil conseguir cambiar uno/a mismo.

Para empezar, el Desarrollo Personal y Superación Personal comienza en tu mente, en tus creencias y en tus pensamientos.

Todas las circunstancias actuales de tu vida tienen sus raíces en tus pensamientos y creencias. Eche un vistazo a tu alrededor. En serio, dejar de leer este articulo y mira a tu alrededor durante unos segundos o minutos.

¿Que has visto? ¿Que tienes en tu vida ahora mismo?

Todo lo que ves a tu alrededor lo tienes por que lo has atraído a tu vida a través de tu mente, tus creencias y tus pensamientos. UUUFFFFFF ya se lo que vais a decir. Me vais a poner vuelta-a-vuelta por haber dicho esto y por decir lo que viene a continuación. Ahora antes de seguir quiero decir que entiendo perfectamente que hay circunstancias que no controlamos y que influyen en nuestra vida pero creo firmemente que cada un de nosotros controlamos el COMO y en que grado influyen en nuestra vida, así que sigue leyendo. 😉

Por ejemplo: Tu trabajo lo elegiste tu (o por lo menos lo has aceptado y convives con ello por tus creencias).¬† ¿Tu casa? TU tomaste la decisión de vivir ahí. ¿Tu coche?, tu pareja y tus amigos. Sí, sí, sí los has elegido TU.

Entonces, si sabemos y creemos eso, para cambiar todas nuestras “circunstancias” externas (la experiencia exterior que se deriva de nuestras decisiones) tenemos que cambiar nuestro interior.

Lo primero y fundamental para realizar un cambio en tu vida cambiar tus creencias acerca de lo que eres capaz de lograr, y de lo que mereces.

Lo se, a veces te sientes mal porque tu vida no es como te gustaría que fuese. Nos pasa a todos de vez en cuando, pero la realidad es que consigues mas de lo mismo porque eso es en lo que enfocas tus pensamientos y tus creencias. Todo esta mal porque centrado en que esta mal y si sigues así sólo empeorará.

Recuerda que todo esta en TU cabeza!

Al aprender a enfocar tu atención en las cosas que funcionan en tu vida, crearás mas de eso. Y con el tiempo notarás más y más de lo que deseas en tu vida.

Pero Edu, eso es muy difícil!!!

Para poder cambiar tu enfoque, primero debes cambiar como te sientes y tu actitud ante la vida. Y una manera fácil de hacerlo es busca cosas por las que estar agradecido/a en este momento. Dar gracias por todos ellos.

M√∫ltiples estudios han demostrado la correlación entre la gratitud y el aumento de bienestar no solo para el individuo, sino para todas las personas involucradas.

Estar agradecido/a de que tienes un trabajo y si no lo tienes pues por tener un techo sobre tu cabeza. Estar agradecido/a por no estar solo/a en la vida y si lo estas por que en cualquier momento puedes encontrar a la persona con la que siempre has soñado. Estar agradecido por el dinero que tienes, por mucho o poco que sea. Dar gracias que estas vivo/a y capaz de cambiar su situación actual.

El ser agradecido es la clave que desencadena tu potencial ilimitado.

Le prometo que pruebas ser agradecido, aunque sea durante sólo 15 minutos al día el enfoque de tu atención empezará a cambiar hacia lo positivo y en un mes notarás un cambio significativo en tu vida. Y en un año, t√∫ y tu mundo exterior estaréis totalmente transformado.

Prueba esta técnica y te sorprenderás de lo que sucede. Re-dirige tu atención siendo agradecido por las cosas que tienes en tu vida ahora mismo. Amplia tu visión para incluir la abundancia que está en todas partes incluso si no lo veas en tu vida ahora. Sólo hace falta un ligero cambio en tu atención para atraer todo lo que deseas!

Recuerda que todo esta en TU cabeza!


Saludos y se maravilloso!!!



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Small Changes, Huge Gains: How To Change Your Luck Successfully

It is never too late to become what you
might have been.” – GEORGE ELIOT

First let me just say that I firmly believe it is never too late to begin again and finally become the person you wanted to become. We see it everyday, in stories from around the world of normal, everyday people who realized their dream by overcoming enormous odds.  So it is possible if you are willing to pay the price to achieve. What price is that, you ask? Well, you going to have to learn to look inward and take responsibility for yourself and your life.

We all know that we reach certain points in our live where we hit a certain threshold of “pain” where we are no longer willing to tolerate it any longer. This threshold is very different for every person. Also, if you are unhappy with anything in your life then look at it as a call to action and start looking for a way to make it happen.

This can be very challenging for a lot of people as they have this urge to improve their lives but they don’t have an effective strategy. They then do the “logical” thing which is to work on the effects instead of the cause. Here is a simple thought process that will be a wake up call to you if you feel like you are spinning your wheels.

For my life to get better I have to get better.
For things to change I have to change.
I am mine. This is my life and I am the creator of my destiny.

I can change any and everything in my life by simply changing myself.

This puts me in the driving seat of my life and makes my life my responsibility. It eliminates fear and apprehension for I know that no matter what life gives me I can always get to the next level and take the next step by simply making the internal shift in my own psychology.

I can stop looking for events, people and circumstances to blame.

You only need to look inside. No matter how influential you are you cannot control every circumstance and event in your life. There are only three things over which you have absolute and total control and these are all you need. Your thoughts, your actions and your words are always under your conscious control. They are YOUR thoughts, they are YOUR actions and they are YOUR words AND they create YOUR world every minute of every day.

This is incredibly liberating. Whenever you want to have more, experience more or change anything, you need only look inwards and work on yourself. Jim Rohn once said that the hardest work you will ever do is the work you do on yourself. See, you can run around and work incredibly hard at trying to influence and change circumstances, but that will only make you tired and discourage your future efforts. It’s much easier to change yourself and your perception of yourself and your life. Nothing has any meaning except for the meaning you give it.

Changing external events has very little impact in your life on the long term. Small changes in you; in your perceptions and psychology might seem insignificant at first, but because the change is in you it effects all of your thoughts, all of your actions and all of your words. This seemingly insignificant change, over time changes the whole direction and end destination of your life. If a captain of a ship changes direction just one degree the end destination might be a different continent all together. Like the captain changing his course by one degree it might be unnoticeable over a short period of time, but over greater distances the small change becomes very significant.

Most people try and change the big things; they constantly try and change any and everything in their lives, but they then fail to maintain the change. Instead, making small consistent changes in yourself, in your own character you can create phenomenal results. All change starts and ends with you. If you are going to invest the time and effort to improve your life, then invest it in changing yourself. Invest your time and effort in improving “you” and let go of the superficial urges to control events and circumstances. Your whole perception and experience of life comes from you and who you are. Change yourself, improve your character and just watch the world improve and change before your very eyes.

How is your luck lately? Have you tried to make changes lately?

Let me know If you need a hand…



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Pequeñs Cambios, Grandes Mejoras: Como Cambiar Tu Suerte



“Nunca es demasiado tarde para convertirse en lo que
podría haber sido.”- GEORGE ELLIOT

Estoy convencido que nos encontramos con puntos claves en nuestras vidas. Todos llegamos a encrucijadas donde en nuestras vidas llegamos a un determinado umbral de “dolor” que ya no estamos dispuestos a soportar. Este umbral es muy diferente para cada persona. También creo que si no estás contento con absolutamente nada en tu vida, esto es un toque de atención y una llamada a la acción; es un deseo desde lo más profundo experimentar y/o lograr algo más en la vida.
Desde luego, esto puede ser muy difícil para muchos de nosotros ya que tenemos el impulso para mejorar nuestras vidas, pero no tenemos una estrategia eficaz. Normalmente, hacemos lo mas “lógico” que seria mejor los síntomas en vez de la causa. Aquí es un simple proceso que será un despertar para ti si sientes que está girando las ruedas.

Para que mi vida mejore, tengo que mejorar.
Para que cambie mi situación, tengo que cambiar.
Esta es mi vida y yo soy el creador de mi destino.

Puedo cambiar todo en mi vida simplemente cambiando yo.

Esta frase nos hace el “conductor” de nuestra vida y hace que nuestra vida y situación sea nuestra responsabilidad. Elimina el miedo y aprensión porque sabemos que da igual lo que la vida eche, siempre podemos dar el siguiente paso necesario realizando un mero desplazamiento interno en nuestra propia psicología.
Puedo dejar de culpar a mis circunstancias, a otras personas o eventos.

Sólo tenemos que mirar dentro nosotros mismos. No importa lo influyente eres no puedes controlar todas las circunstancias y acontecimientos de tu vida. Solo hay¬† tres cosas sobre las que tenemos control total y absoluto y son lo √∫nico que necesitamos. Nuestros pensamientos, nuestras acciones y nuestras palabras están siempre bajo nuestro control consciente. Son nuestros pensamientos, son nuestras acciones y son nuestras palabras y crean nuestra experiencia del mundo cada minuto de cada día.

Cuando por fin interiorizamos esta idea es increíblemente liberador. Cada vez que queremos tener algo más, experimentar más o incluso cambiar algo, sólo tenemos que¬† mirar hacia adentro. Jim Rohn dijo una vez que el trabajo más duro que harás es el trabajo en ti mismo. La mayoría de nosotros intentamos influir o cambiar nuestras circunstancias sin gran resultado y lo √∫nico que logramos es cansarnos y desalentar nuestros futuros esfuerzos. Es mucho más fácil cambiar nosotros mismos y nuestra percepción propia y de nuestra vida.

Nada no tiene ning√∫n significado menos el significado que nosotros le damos.

Todos esos acontecimientos externos, pequeños o grandes, tienen muy poco impacto en nuestra vida a largo plazo. Pero pequeños cambios en nosotros; en nuestras¬† percepciones y psicología podrían parecer insignificantes en principio, pero ese cambio está en nosotros, influyendo en todos nuestros pensamientos, todas nuestras acciones y en todas nuestras palabras. Este cambio aparentemente insignificante, con el tiempo cambia todo destino dirección y al final de su vida. Míralo de esta forma:

Si el capitán de un barco cambia de dirección un sólo grado, el destino final podría ser un continente totalmente diferente. Ese pequeño cambio de curso de un solo grado puede ser imperceptible en un período corto de tiempo, pero a grandes distancias el cambio llega a ser muy importante.

La mayoría de la nosotros probamos a realizar grandes cambios en nuestras vidas y sin embargo no logramos mantener esos cambios. Pero, realizando pequeños cambios en ti mismo y con constancia puede crear resultados fenomenales.

Todo cambio empieza y termina nosotros. Si vamos a invertir tiempo y esfuerzo en mejorar nuestras vidas, invertirlo en cambiarte a ti mismo. Invierte tu tiempo y esfuerzo en mejorarte a ti mismo y deja que los impulsos superficiales controlen tu situación y circunstancias. Tu percepción y experiencia de vida proviene de ti y de quien eres. Cambiarte a ti mismo, mejorarte y verás que mejora tu mundo y cambia ante tus ojos así de fácil.


¿Que cambios estas intentando realizar? ¿Como te va?





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Workplace Motivation: 29 Quotes To Get You Moving At Work


As Mr. Rick Pitino says “The only way to get people to like working hard is to motivate them. Today, people must understand why they’re working hard. Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different.” –Rick Pitino


Mahatma Gandhi: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Jim Stovall: You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.

Robert Frost: The only way around is through.

Warren Buffett: You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.

Les Brown: You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.

Theodore Roosevelt: Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Charles F. Kettering: Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier

Henry Ford: Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!

Jim Rohn: You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.

William Hazlitt: Who likes not his business, his business likes not him.

Denis Waitley: Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating.

Lee Iacocca: Management is nothing more than motivating other people.

Dwight D.: Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

Peter Drucker: The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question

Max Schmelling: Why did I want to win? Because I didn’t want to lose!

J. Paul Getty: To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.

Pierre Corneille: To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

Tony Dorsett: To succeed… You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.

James Broughton: The only limits are, as always, those of vision.

George Kneller: To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.

Peter McWilliams: To the degree we’re not living our dreams; our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth: To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.

Tryon Edwards: To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.

Spanish Proverb: Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.

Lyndon B. Johnson: The noblest search is the search for excellence

Charles M. Schwab: The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to neither make money nor find much fun in life.

Chinese Proverb: The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water; but to walk on the earth.

John Naisbitt: The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.

Henry Ford: The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.

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Motivación En El Tabajo: 29 Frases De Liderazgo


Mahatma Gandhi: T√∫ debes ser el cambio que desea ver en el mundo.

Jim Stovall: Tienes que ser consciente de lo que otros están haciendo, aplaudir sus esfuerzos, reconocer sus éxitos y alentarlos en sus actividades. Cuando todos ayudamos mutuamente, todos ganan.

Robert Frost: El mejor camino para salir es siempre a través.

Warren Buffett: Sólo tienes que hacer algunas cosas bien en tu vida mientras que no hagas demasiadas cosas mal.

Les Brown: Debes permanecer concentrado en tu viaje hacia la grandeza.

Theodore Roosevelt: De lejos el mejor premio que ofrece la vida es la oportunidad de trabajar duro en un trabajo vale la pena hacerlo..

Charles F. Kettering: Donde hay una mente abierta, siempre habrá una nueva oportunidad

Henry Ford: Tanto si piensas que puedes, como si piensas que no puedes, estás en lo cierto!

Jim Rohn: Debes modificar tus sueños o ampliar sus conocimientos.

William Hazlitt: A quién no le gusta su negocio, su negocio no le gusta.

Denis Waitley: Ganadores se toman su tiempo en disfrutar de su trabajo, sabiendo que el escalar la montaña es lo que hace tan excitante la vista desde la cima.

Lee Iacocca: La gestión no es nada más que motivar a otras personas.

Dwight D.: La motivación es el arte de hacer que la gente a haga lo que quieres que hagan porque ellos quieren hacerlo.

Peter Drucker: TLos errores más graves no se cometen como resultado a respuestas incorrectas. Lo realmente peligroso es que la pregunta sea equivocada.

Max Schmelling: ¿Por qué quise ganar? Porque no quería perder.

J. Paul Getty: Para tener éxito en los negocios, para llegar a la cima, un individuo debe saber todo lo que sea posible saber sobre ese negocio.

Pierre Corneille: Ganar sin riesgos es triunfar sin gloria.

Tony Dorsett: Para tener éxito… Tienes que encontrar algo al que aferrarse, algo que te motive, algo que te inspire.

James Broughton: Los √∫nicos límites son, como siempre, los de su visión.

George Kneller: Para pensar creativamente, debemos poder mirar lo que normalmente damos por descontadas desde cero.

Peter McWilliams: En la medida en que no vivimos nuestros sueños; nuestra zona de confort tiene más control sobre nosotros que tenemos sobre nosotros mismos.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth: Pensar es fácil. Actuar es difícil. Para actuar como se piensa es lo más difícil.

Tryon Edwards: Despertar interés y fomentar entusiasmo es la manera mas fácil de enseñar con éxito.

Spanish Proverb:Mañana suele ser el día más activo de la semana.

Lyndon B. Johnson: La b√∫squeda más noble es la b√∫squeda de la excelencia.

Charles M. Schwab: El hombre que no funciona por el amor al trabajo pero sólo por el dinero no va a ganar dinero ni encontrar mucha diversión en la vida.

Chinese Proverb: El milagro no es volar en el aire, o caminar sobre el agua; si no caminar sobre la tierra.

John Naisbitt: La nueva fuente de poder no es dinero en manos de unos pocos, pero la información en manos de muchos.

Henry Ford: El hombre que usará su habilidad e imaginación de forma constructiva para ver lo mucho que puede dar por un dólar, en lugar de lo poco que puede dar por un dólar, está obligado a tener éxito.

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Goal Setting: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

How do you achieve the big goals in your life?

You break them up into smaller goals that are easier to reach, that’s how!

How do you reach these smaller goals?

By breaking them up into action steps, that’s how! These are things that you can do to get closer to achieving them.


Goals are reached in stages, not all at once.

Eduardo Arellano

Goals Are Reached

Goals Are Reached

Turning Goals into Actions

When you’re breaking your goals into action steps, pick tangible targets. This means making the action step something that you’ll know you’ve finished. In other words, it has to be measurable. Each of these steps may be a task that once completed gets you closer to the goal. Choose one or a handful of actions to take each day.

You and Your Cluttered Garage

As an example, let’s say that you want to clean up all the random junk in your garage. What sub-goals would you use? One tangible sub-goal with a measurable outcome is to put everything away. Another sub-goal to having the garage organized is to label your storage containers. Getting rid of extra stuff you don’t need would be another. You’d then break each of these sub-goals into action steps. Remember that the end result has to be achievable. For the first sub-goal of putting things away, you might break it into an action step for each area of the garage. Divide the garage into smaller areas that can be de-cluttered within an afternoon (or however much time you choose to designate to it).

The Devil’s in the Details

Tangible¬†means something that can be measured. Depending on the type of goal, you should use facts and figures. If you’re trying to lose weight, decide on an exact number of pounds. If it’s money, break it down into dollar amounts. Use action words to define your tasks. On your list of things to do, don’t write ‘gym’ or ‘garage sale.’ Instead, write ‘go to the gym’ or ‘have a garage sale.’ The verb is important because it reminds you that this is an action that needs to be taken.

Keep It Realistic

Don’t forget that the reason we break goals down into steps is to make them more realistic. Any goal is achievable if you break it into bite-sized chunks and affix realistic timeframes to these chunks. Goals that revolve around learning a new skill are especially daunting, but when you break them down in this way, they become possible.

If your action steps seem more like giant leaps, this doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you need to break them up into smaller actions that are easier to achieve.

Monitor Your Progress

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Once you’re several hundred miles on your way, it doesn’t seem so far at all. Monitor your progress and log it in a diary. This shows you how far you’ve come in working toward your goal and that adds more motivational fuel to the fire.

Let me know what you think and have a great week!!



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