5 Horrible Habits That Are Ruining Your Success

Posted on Agusto 14, 2014

Yes, I’m telling you you have bad habits that are keeping you from getting what you want and living your life the way YOU want.

We all have bad habits. Some are relatively harmless but others can really be disastrous for your life but if you can recognize them, you can take action to change them.

So here they are, in all their horrible glory:

Lack of focus – Be a Camera and Focus!

You can have clearly laid out goals on the success you want to achieve, but if you do not have focus, you will soon sabotage your success. There are a lot of ‘business opportunities’ that will arrive in your inbox daily – most of which are scams, no matter how genuine and promising they sound. When you are starting your online business, you can also easily become overloaded with information. Well, in some cases the information overload can simply stop you from taking any action! The trick is to be focused. Have a list of your things to do everyday. Everyday, do something towards building your business.

Living in your comfort zone – Get out now!

This is the toxic failing that keeps a lot of people away from their dreams of becoming successful. I like the quote which says “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure”. If you face a temporary setback on your quest towards success; learn from it, pick yourself up and soldier on towards your dreams. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success”.

Procrastination  РYet another nasty one!

Taking action TODAY is the foundational key to all success. By procrastinating, you are missing chances to be the best you can be; to make money, and to be successful. Get rid of all the bad habits that waste your time, break down your tasks to small manageable bits, visualize the end result of your project – do all that you can to fight this deadly habit that can keep you away from your goals.

Not surrounding yourself with people more successful than you ‚Äì Find’em and hang with’em

Draw on inspiration and motivation from family and friends who are already where you want to be. Fortify yourself so that you’re immersed in an environment where success can grow from success. When you surround yourself with people, places and things that inspire you, you’ll feel encouraged.

Not assuming responsibility for your success or failure – This is the granddaddy of them all!

If you ask someone why they never succeeded in what they were trying to do, they will most likely tell you it was someone elseís fault, or something happened that was beyond their control. However if you compare that persons life against someone elseís life, you could probably find many examples of people who suffered under far worse conditions yet still became a success.

There they are. Now, There as many more bad habits as there are people in the world but these are, in my opinion, the biggest ones that are holding you back.
Breaking a bad habit is not easy.¬† Unless you truly understand the root of the problem, you won‚’ be able to devise a strategy to get rid of it. Like I said before, if you can recognize some or all of these in yourself, then you can take the necessary actions to change them. And if you can change them, you change your life for the better.


Check out some hints on how to change bad habits here.


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