Goal Setting: Why your not living the life you want, your way


[su_quote cite=”Napoleon Hill” url=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon_Hill”]A goal is a dream with a deadline[/su_quote]

How often do you dream about something and leave it at that, just a Dream? We are all great at daydreaming and fantasising without ever doing anything about making these dreams come true but most of the time we aren’t so good at taking action.

So what’s holding you back?

Well, you probably haven’t given it much thought. Maybe you use these fantasies as an escape from monotony or simply as a way to pass the time. But this doesn’t get you anywhere and certainly doesn’t get you anywhere near the life you want, the way you want it.

In this fourth article in the Goal Setting series, I’m going to give you a few reasons why you might not be acting on your dreams and living the life you want.

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1. You could be focusing only on the negative

[su_service title = “Visualize Yourself ” icon =” icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#082574″]A lot of times, we fail to get what we want because we focus way too much on the negative. You’re probably thinking way too much about what you don’t want or where you don’t want to be, instead of visualizing yourself in the place you do want to be, being the person you want to be.

For example, if your goal is to get a better job, stop thinking about the lousy one you have now. Sure, it may be a good motivator to get you job hunting in the short term, but the negative thinking is causing you to focus on problems and not solutions. Instead, focus on the solutions that will get you where you want to be.

2. Are you being specific enough while outlining your goals and objectives.

[su_service title = ” Detail and Specify ” icon =” icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#082574″]The expression ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ applies to goal planning as well as just about anything else in life. If you try to take on too many things at once, you won’t have the focus necessary to see the most important things through.

But what can you do if you’re an ambitious go-getter type with loads and loads on your plate (trust me, i can relate!!)? One simple solution is to make a huge list of goals and then just pick one. Work on that one until you get comfortable with it and start seeing results. Then, you can add the next goal to your already busy schedule.

3. Did you forget the reason why you wanted the goal in the first place?

[su_service title = ” Why, Why, Why ” icon =” icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#082574″]Most likely it’s going to take a long time to reach your goal or objective. While you’re all tied up with the the day to day of working towards your goal, it’s easy to forget or lose focus on the real reason and motivation behind your objective.

A great way to maintain focus and not to lose motivation is to write this reason down right after the goal its self. Ask yourself why you want to make this change and answer it as honestly as possible. Take that piece of paper and keep it with you constantly.

You may also find your motivation to reach the goal waning, especially when you encounter challenges along the way. Keeping a written statement of why you want to achieve your goal keeps that initial excitement with you to push you forward.

4. What are you scared of?

[su_service title = ” Get Ahold of Yourself” icon =” icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#082574″]Many of us fail to make any progress on our goals because of fear, which, of course is perfectly natural. If you’ve got a big goal you’re working toward, there’s a good chance it’s something you’ve never done before, and that can be terrifying.

When you’re afraid, it’s usually because you doubt your abilities. But with proper planning, this isn’t an issue at all. If you break your goals down into sub-goals and daily actions that will get you closer to them, it just becomes a matter of logistics. A good plan with concrete steps helps you overcome fear.

5. Have you taken action today?

[su_service title = ” Get Started NOW!” icon =” icon: lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#082574″]Ultimately the main reason we fail at goals is that we fail to take action and this my friends is the biggest killer of progress there is!! Now, this could be due to the fears you might have or even for many other reasons like lack of motivation, but it’s absolutely essential to do something, what ever it may be, each day that will get you closer to your goals. This will maintain your self-awareness and help you understand your own abilities and skills better. Also, it will give you more confidence as you see yourself getting closer to your prize.

So, as you go through the process and you feel yourself losing control of your goal, go back and see if any of these points apply to you. You’ll be amazed at how much just this little reflexion and revision will boost your ability to follow through and achieve your dream life!

In the next article, we’ll take a look at some goal setting tips and tricks to make this process much easier and how we can set goals that we can stick to and achieve.
To find out more about Goal Setting and personal development or to participate in the ongoing personal development debate, drop me note or two and let me know what you think, would like explained, what you would like to know about or even if you need help on something, just let me know.
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