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Da Funk…and how to get out of it

You crawl out of bed with that ugly feeling and you think, "Maybe I should just stay in bed an extra 5 minutes or maybe the rest of the day!". You get up, tired and listless, get on with your day but nothing seems to go right and you just can't seem to get in gear or get anything going and quite frankly, you really have no desire to. So, what do you do? And even if ...


TEDx…Are we in control of our decisions?

  Whaaaaaaaaaaat????? We don't make our own decisions??? Of course we do! Don't get all up in arms just yet. While this video shows us how marketing can INFLUENCE our decisions, we are still very much in control of that decision. Now, you can make all the excuses you want to justify the decision you make, YOU still make the decision. Make no mistake about ...


Presentation Tips for Reading and Responding to your Audience

[heading]Have you ever been in a presentation where nothing seems to be going right?[/heading] You know what I mean... You're not hitting your marks, you forgot a point or two and worst of all, the audience is falling asleep! Now, all of these problems have solutions but we are going to take a look at some tips to make sure your audience remains with you and ...


Don’t give me excuses…It’s all up to you

I just finished reading a very interesting article about how we make decisions in our lives. Now, while at the very heart of it I understand where the author is coming from and what he is trying to say, I really do disagree with the thinking behind it. Don‚' get me wrong, I fully understand that this line of thought is very popular in European culture but it ...